How to choose the buyer broker for your needs


Market knowledge is power!

Power that you want to harness to your advantage. Choose your buyer broker based on, not only their experience in the market, but also their credibility and trust with listing agents and their sellers, their ability to hold transactions together and their ability show you a variety of properties that match your specifications. In a seller’s market, this can sometimes be difficult, but a connected broker can still provide options both on and off the market. 

Choose an agent who is client-focused

Choose a broker who takes the time to sit with you and listen to what you’re looking for versus inundating you with properties that don’t fit your needs. Every aspect of your new home should be considered including, overall square footage, how you envision using the home (vacation/rental/entertaining), number of bedrooms, baths, acreage, view, luxury inclusions like saunas, gym, wine cellars, movie theaters, etc. and views! Most importantly any good broker will also ask what areas you’re willing to compromise on. A knowledgeable broker who listens uses your valuable time wisely connecting to the right properties.  


Communication is key

Yes, each buyer client needs good communication, but a good buyer broker will ask what that means to you. How do you prefer to receive communication, how often, and what value are you looking to receive? In the world of digital marketing and data, inexperienced buyer brokers simply check a box and email you meaningless newsletters, social posts etc., which really equals more junk mail. Most of us prefer not to have this. You’re looking for someone who communicates in your preferred manor, but also information that you need to hear. At our brokerage we focus on clear communication that provides actionable market intelligence. Good communication from your buyer broker should also keep the transaction on task, be professional. Managing the inevitable bumps in the road are best done calmly and in a solution-focused manner.  


Negotiation skills

Buyers brokers in today’s seller’s market need to be at the top of their game to make sure your offer is put at the top of a seller’s mind. Negotiation skills come from years of experience. Choose someone who has experienced the ups and downs of the industry. Our brokers know how to deal with problems and use them the opportunities for you.